Below is what some of our clients say about us:

“It is always difficult for an institution like the CSIC (the Spanish High Council for Scientific Research) to find translation suppliers who offer the thoroughness and quality necessary to adequately reflect our work and reputation. We have been very satisfied with all the projects Duthie Translations have done for us.“

High Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), Córdoba, Spain

“In my experience, when it comes to working with companies, what I most value is responsibility and commitment, and [Duthie Translations] offers just that. When they commit to a deadline, they keep it, often delivering in advance.”

Freelance Consultant and Project Manager for Gleeds Ibérica

“Never missing a deadline, they are extremely reliable. If we have underestimated a job, or there are particular difficulties with a certain translation, they do not hesitate to keep us informed about the progress of a job. Their communication skills are therefore first class. [...] They are a pleasure to work with.“

Project Manager for UK Translation Agency

“One of the main advantages lies in the fact that they work as a team, and we can therefore use them for large volume projects (thereby avoiding the need to distribute a text among several translators and saving ourselves the cumbersome task of ensuring consistency between translators in order to guarantee coherence in the end result).“

Project Manager for Spanish Translation Agency

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