We specialise in Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations because that is where we feel most comfortable. Being fully bilingual in these two languages, we know for a fact that we can offer excellent quality in these languages. We very rarely outsource our work, and when we do, we collaborate with the same translators and thoroughly proofread and check the texts to ensure consistent quality.

All our translations are comprehensively cross-checked and proofread by another member of the team. Our proofreading time can take as long as the translating itself, and is an integral part of our process. This ensures consistency and peace of mind, in the knowledge that two heads are better than one.

Duthie Translations does not offer ‘correct’ translations; we provide translations that read as well in the target language as they do in the original language, spending time over the structure and style of the text, and welcoming feedback from our clients.

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